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Shaping the future of personal finances

Senior Product Designer
Forget Finance
Shaping the future of personal finances
My Role

I work at Forget Finance as a Senior Product Designer. Therefore, I am responsible and have impact on a variety of areas from strategy, the product, our design process and team as well as branding and marketing efforts. Alongside, I closely collaborate with the development and business teams to develop ideas and maintain their implementation with a strong problem-solving approach.

1. The challenge

I was challenged to join the startup in the early-stage phase, 4 months after its foundation as the first employee. During this phase, a SaaS startup in the fintech industry requires a good user experience for their product in order to “design the right thing”. Therefore, I tried to declutter the requirements from both business and the target groups perspective. Thus, our aim is to solve an actual problem first and provide value before “design things right”.

The double-diamond design process I implemented as the fundament for our work

The founders, Konradin Breyer and Jurek Herwig had the underlying concept for the product at hand, however I joined them in order to align forces to holistically approach the problem:

How can we guide users through the financial jungle and assist them with their finances in a human, intuitive and fun way?

2. Solution

To tackle such a complex challenge, I took two vertical approaches from different directions:

  1. First is a product-design driven path, integrating the double-diamond design-process and emphasizing in various depth service design, user-experience and interaction- or visual design practices

  2. The second one is a more strategic / meta holistic path which uses design to anticipate users needs and works closer with business-development to figure out which features are hitting the perfect market-fit

As both paths follow along a different vision they both have in common and in their core a variety set of user-centered design methodologies. Thus, I apply and execute the following:

Starting out in order to declutter the problem, we executed many user-interviews. This ensured to develop a first MVP alongside with actual users.

I would love to get a holistic overview of my finances and if I have questions seeking for professional help would be nice. | User X
Creating interactive prototypes as part of R&D processes to identify user´s needs and pain-points is key
Fail faster, succeed sooner | David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

As a result from many discussions and user-tests I designed a variety of interactive prototypes illustrating different concepts. Later on we summarized and clustered the feedback and started to adapt our discovery process again.

Collected user-feedback and clustered into work-loads

To kick off the design-phase correctly, we required to set up a design-system to be able to scale efficiently. Therefore, I developed a continuous growing design-system consisting of core-brand components as well as UI components.

Using a holistic system ensured us to communicate consistently throughout each channel and re-use existing components to quickly prototype, iterate and improve our flows.

Progress of the Home Screen in different iterations over time

After gathering all the feedback the core feature set was derived, and I designed various iterations of the whole app experience. During this process, continuous improvements from both perspectives (the user's needs at one side and our business objectives at the other) were developed.

consolidated feature roadmap to understand information architecture and open points
roadmap presented in screens

Finally, we came closer to form a concrete overview of the minimum valuable product scope. Thus, we switched into delivery-mode and I started working out the details of all features in all its beauty (in banking and fintech products that usually means to cover x-unlimited amount of edge-cases for possible states as well as finding the best UX and UI to maneuver between legal regulations and a fun experience).

modular onboarding-process

The Onboarding-process required special focus, as we wanted to provide an educating yet fun experience. While the users get to know the app, they should already be setting up basics for their account. Therefore, we are able to provide a personalized valuable experience from the first moment a user enters the app. The Onboarding-process is constructed modular, so it becomes easy to interchange modules and improve within each step.

main navigation covers solution for the problem

Finally, our solution consists of 3 main areas for the product to provide real value to its users. In the Home-Tab we guide and assist users to set up their financial strategy, following scientifically proven concept to structure personal finances. From thereon, the Plus-Tab is an easy entrance to create human goals that align with the user's lifestyle and age. Alongside, as we found out in the interviews, people are seeking for some help in specific situations. Therefore, the Coach-Tab is offering a unique virtual financial coaching access to ask exactly that question that you need an answer for.

3. Results

Certainly, we communicated months of work summarized on our website. It is promoting the product and playing with a handful of animations and surprises waiting for you. Go check it out yourself here: Forget Finance

And as new year's marks a great starting point for many of us to realign their priorities and resolutions, we launched the product to the public on the 01.01.2022. Therefore, I coordinated various marketing activities with my team across all channels and we kick-started phenomenally.

our lovely Forget Finance team

Last but not least, sitting in place with my whole team (devs, pms, product-managers...) is continuously helping to interdisciplinary shape the product and the company. Therefore, affecting my design practices and improving a fast iterative process within an open culture.

Check out the product in the AppStore here: Forget Finance App

Or visit the website here: